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AppNavi Release 3.0.0 launched


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Released April 20th, 2023


> Features

New Avatar Design
We have completely redesigned the AppNavi avatar design to further enhance the user experience. In addition to the implementation of the new design, other aspects such as WCAG compatibility, which enables people with disabilities to use our product via keyboard input and voice output, as well as the use of the high contrast mode, have been added. The position of the avatar can now be freely selected to prevent important application elements from being hidden. As well as the announcement dialogue has also been made more user-friendly.

Fulltext Search in Avatar
In the avatar search, the content is now also taken into account in the search. If a route or an article contains specific information that is searched for by a user, the corresponding content is now suggested as a result. However, the full text search is currently only available for guest users and does not work for authors. Searches made by a user are displayed in the portal to identify whitespots of user support.

Multi Factor Authentication
The optional multi-factor authentication allows authors to authenticate with a second factor (TOTP token). Any app that supports TOTP tokens can be used for this. As this function helps to protect AppNavi from unauthorised access, we recommend activating the MFA at least for author users with tenant owner rights.

Code Execution Mode
To ensure maximum security and at the same time compatibility when executing custom code, the type of custom code execution can now be selected per application. The possible options are inline code execution and dynamic code execution using function statements.

New Dashboards in Portal
We have provided a new dashboard engine in the portal, which displays individual dashboards, e.g. on the contract status.

Custom Code on route level
Custom code can now be created at route level, which can then be delivered with the route.

> Improvements

New API Functions
We have further extended the AppNavi Custom Code API. This means that there are now even more options available for integrating AppNavi into existing products via API. The details can be found in the Custom Code API.

Contract Management improvements
We have made managing contracts in AppNavi even easier. In addition to contract titles, there are now even simpler representations of consumption.

Auto tooltip size
There is now another size setting for the tooltip "Auto". With this size setting, the height of the tooltip automatically adapts to the content.

Background settings for routes
It can now be set per step whether AppNavi should add a layer that covers the page and prevents users from operating all elements of the page or whether the page can be operated in the background by the user despite the running AppNavi route.

Positioning of the avatar
The positioning of the avatar is now available as a setting option in the application settings in the portal. Custom code for manual positioning of the avatar is now obsolete.

AI search text option
We have improved the reliability of AI Search in text mode.


> Deprecated Features

Adding languages from Planner
We have removed the language management from the Avatar Planner. Content languages can now only be managed via the portal. However, the preview for languages in the Avatar Planner is still possible.

XPath Search
As announced with the last release, the XPath search has been completely removed from the product. We recommend replacing the XPath search with the AI search.

Post display settings
As announced with the last release, the XPath search has been completely removed from the product. We recommend replacing the XPath search with the AI search.

Descriptions for Routes and Posts will be removed
With the next release in late summer, the description texts for routes and posts will be removed, as they will become obsolete due to the full text search.

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